How long will it take to record & how much will it cost?

There are many factors that determine how much time it will take for your project to be completed, and consequently how much it will cost.  It comes down to the complexity of the songs and how far you’d like to take them.  Drop us a line.  Once we’re able to discuss details about your project, we can give you a better estimate on how long it will take and what the cost will be.

How long is a day / What time do we start?

-A day is 10 hours. -Sessions generally run from 10am-8pm.


Can I show up early?

-Dear God, no.

Are there special rates for mixing?

-No, our normal studio rates apply. As for how much time you should book for mixing, there are many factors at play; the number of tracks / instruments / vocals, the amount of editing and processing (effects, automation, etc), and the extent to which the songs are similar to or different from each other (we can save time by retaining settings from song to song).

How can I back up my Pro Tools sessions/files?

-We strongly suggest buying your own external Fire wire/USB 2.0/ Thunderbolt drive of 32 gigabytes or more. We don’t have enough disk space to keep your files in our computers for more than a week after your project is completed, so you will need some kind of storage solution anyway.

How do I book a session?

-Contact us through the site. We’ll set up a tour to see the space and discuss your project. Once we work out scheduling, your deposit secures the dates.

Are you hiring or do you need an intern?

-We are not looking to hire anyone at this time. Occasionally we have a vacancy for an intern. Please send an email if you are interested. Some basic details about your interests and experience are more helpful than a standard resume.


-push/pull reserves the right to refuse to work with any client. Studio’s liability with respect to “downtime” of any and all studio sessions as a result from equipment malfunction or availability, personnel, hired musicians, acts of nature or public utility companies, etc., shall be limited solely to the studio time of such booked session; and Clients agree to hold Studio harmless from any and all damages from such “downtime”.-push/pull makes no warranties either express or implied other than those contained herein. Studio shall not be liable for unforeseen consequential damages of any kind. Should Studio be unable to conduct a booked session for any reason, then Studio warrants that it shall re-book such canceled booking at another time that is mutually available to Studio and the Client. In the event of loss or damage of Clients recording media due to willful negligence, Studio shall be responsible for replacement of no more than the value of the total replacement cost of the recorded tape and studio time to date devoted to said recording media. Artist(s) will pay all attorneys’ fees associated with financial collection processes for service rendered by push/pull or materials purchased. Rates, policies, and equipment may change without displayed, written or verbal notice.

Studio Policy & Procedures


A deposit will be required to confirm all studio bookings. The deposit shall be equal to 50% of the cost of the total time booked. Deposit must be received to secure the desired dates and times. Studio bookings for which no deposit has been received by are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Notice of an artist’s intent to cancel a session must be received by push/pull no later than 7 days before such session. If notice is not received by push/pull, the client shall be liable for 50% of the total time booked. Sessions cancelled on the same day of the scheduled session will be liable for the total cost of the booked time.


Payment for time booked (balance remaining after deposit has been paid) is due the day of the session. Initial deposits may be made by cash, personal or company check, money order or credit card. All additional day of session payments must be made by cash or credit card (add 2.75%). There is a $35 fee for returned checks.

Starting/ Ending Time:

Billing will occur from the beginning of your scheduled time regardless of what time you arrive, thus arriving on time is important. Billing time is from the scheduled start time until the last load out.

Master Recordings:

Your account must be paid in full prior to receiving your master recordings. No recordings in push/pull’s possession shall be released to clients until all open accounts have been settled and all checks tendered as payment have cleared.

Data Storage:

Session files will be deleted from our system 7 days after a project is finished. Archiving session data is the client’s responsibility. It is strongly recommended that clients back up there sessions in more than one location. Some would go as far as to say “Digital audio does not exist unless it is backed up in three separate locations.” “Digital audio does not exist unless it is backed up in three separate locations.” “Digital audio does not exist unless it is backed up in three separate locations.”